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Tsunami Ripples

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Tsunami Ripples

Rice- JA, 2023

Tsunami Ripples Is embossed on random parts of the petals. Sometimes the raised part of the embossing is on the top of the petals while the corresponding depressed part is on the bottom. If the raised part is on the bottom of the petal, the corresponding depressed part is on the top of the petal. Most blooms have had both top and bottom embossing. All the flowers in the three years this cultivar has bloomed have had at least some embossing. Occasionally, the flowers have many embossed areas - up to 8 or more.


Sue Bergeron and the AHS Scientific Studies Committee have examined images of this cultivar. They feel that it is not sculpting, and does not fit into any current relief category. 


More details forthcoming... a probable Fall 2023 intro

A few more images: