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Blue Dolphin

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 Blue Dolphin

(Rice, A + J 2010) 7” flowers x 37” scapes, mid-late season, semi-evergreen foliage, 2-3 branches, 14-20 buds, pod and pollen fertile, diploid


These playful flowers are ready to make a big splash in your garden. The aquatic toned petals are sturdy and waterproof. The flowers have waxy smooth petals like a tetraploid, but are diploid to the surprise of many. A favorite amongst hybridizers for its stunning color, size and presence. 


*** Over the years we have taken hundreds of photos of BLUE DOLPHIN. None of the images have correctly captured the flowers' unusual color which can best be described as a bluish lavender. All of the images we have show more red coloration than is present when viewed in person. The images on this page represent the truest colors we have been able to obtain with unretouched photos.