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It's My Party

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It's My Party

Rice-A 2005

28” to 30” scapes, 5.5” to 6” flowers, 3 to 4 branches, 18 to 24 buds, midlate season, semi-evergreen to dormant, diploid. (STOLEN TREASURE X PARTY PINAFORE)

These bright flowers are comprised of at least four clear shades of pink. Deep green throats emanate out into a rich rose pink which is surrounded by a medium pink. The ruffled petal edges are a lighter pink. The sepals are an even lighter pink making this a bitone flower.

Like PARTY PINAFORE, one of it’s parents,  IT’S MY PARTY is a flower for which it is difficult to determine which is the base color and what is the eye-zone or edge. Is it a dark pink flower with a two-colored edge or is it a medium pink flower with a darker eye and lighter edge? Either way, the net results are pretty flowers with great garden presence on healthy vigorous plants. Hybridized by Annette Rice.