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Aerial Acrobatics

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Aerial Acrobatics


Described technically as a unusual form twisted crispate, the blooms of Aerial Acrobatics convey motion as they curve and twist. The flowers look like they are flying in the air like birds. Their texture is smooth with waxy substance that gives the flowers rain and sun resistance. The predominant color is green as the throat radiates out onto all segments but particularly on the petals where the deep green is bisected by lighter depressed midribs. The ends of the segments are lavender or in some lighting conditions pinkish lavender. 


The flower span is between 5.5” and 6”.  The scapes average 32” tall and have 3 branches carrying about 18 buds. Aerial Acrobatics’ plants are healthy and vigorous. In our zone 6 climate they have semi-evergreen foliage but sometimes appear to be dormant. Pod and pollen fertile.


Aerial Acrobatics’ parents are Blue Dolphin and Only in Dreams. It was hybridized and selected by Annette and John Rice.


$95 for 2 blooming size fans. Limited.


Exhibited as seedling #16-81, Aerial Acrobatics won the Best Seedling award at the Bluegrass Hemerocallis Society’s flower show on July 2, 2017