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This exceptional flower combines eye-catching colors of bright yellow and orange with exceptionally toothy edges. Strong thick scapes with 3 to 5 branches present the flowers nicely to a height of 32 inches. The flowers open well though not early in the morning. They are sunfast until late in the evening. This hardy dormant cultivar is the child of two dormant parents: FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN and a seedling of Everett Dougherty’s which is a sib to his JAGUAR. We call the bright yellow toothy seedling JAG-3.

 Of the thousands of FLR seedlings I have bloomed, BASS GIBSON has the best color and the most extravagant edge. 

(Rice, A + J 2006) 32” scapes, early midseason bloom, 5.5” flowers, 3 to 5 branches, 20 to 30 buds, dormant, easily fertile both ways, tet. (FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN X Seedling)