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CLETUS CLATTERBUCK will surprise you with its simple beauty and impress you with its work ethic. It’s a vigorous grower with lots of branching and two reblooms! An established clump will have 5 to 8 way branching on the first set of scapes and then continue blooming nearly every day for a month and a half.  This plant provides lots of bright color for a long period of time.
CLETUS CLATTERBUCK (Rice, J + A, 2013) is a medium yellow with a lime throat. It blooms from mid-season into the late season. Flowers are 5.5” and bloom on scapes 35” to 39” tall. It is a dormant tetraploid. It is fertile both ways. 


Some of the first blooms on June 21, 2012

Still plenty of blooms to come on Aug. 9, 2012