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The pastel flowers of EXECUTIVE PRODUCER are a pleasing blend of yellow, pink, chartreuse and gold. They show a variety of forms over their long bloom period - over 7 weeks continuous! Petal edges are always elaborate, incorporating tendrils and flamboyant ruffles. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER earns its title by being a prodigious bloomer, and the reliable rebloom ensures a multitude of encore performances. 
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (Rice, A + J 2013) is a yellow with pink overlay, yellow gold ruffles and green throat. It starts blooming in the early mid-season and reliably reblooms at least once and usually twice. Fragrant and nocturnal flowers are 6” and bloom on 38” scapes with 4-5 branches. It is a dormant tetraploid and fertile both ways.

June 15, 2012 - first bloom was a couple of days earlier.


July 15, 2012 - toward the end of the first rebloom.