We are proud to announce our Fall 2015 Daylily Introductions.

These 5 cultivars (2 dip and 3 tet) will be available for shipping this fall only

from now until September 14, 2015. The shipping for these new introductions

will be free.





MALIBU MOON has light pinkish orange flowers which open flat and are bordered

with precise rose orange edges. The form is triangular. It is not uncommon to have

3-4 flowers open at one time on a single scape because of the many widely spaced



Scapes are 34-38” tall with 5-6 way branching. Flowers average 6” or more.

They bloom in the late season with more than sporadic rebloom. Dormant tetraploid


Rice, J+A 2015


$150/double fan   limited quantity








HENRY CLAY's flower's are a rich burgundy purple with violet purple eyes and

finely ruffled lighter edges. It is named after Kentucky's distinguished 19th Century

statesman and orator.


Scapes are 29” with 2-4 branches, and the flowers 5”. Bloom is midlate season with

sporadic rebloom. Dormant tetraploid.


Rice, J+A 2015


$150/double fan







HEY MISTER BUD is the quintessential polychrome with vivid yellow, peach,

rose and green colors.  The petal edges are adorned with yellow ruffles, teeth

and tendrils.


The scapes are 33-36” with 2-3 branches. The flowers are 5.5-6” and love the

sun - looking great all afternoon into the evening. Midlate season bloom, fragrant,

dormant tetraploid. Some rebloom especially with watering. Named for John’s

favorite cat Buddy.


Rice, J+A 2015        $150/double fan


*Special collection price for all 3 tet intros is $400 with free shipping*




These black purple flowers float above the foliage on tall 42-48” scapes.

Flowers are 6”and bloom in the mid to midlate season.  Some rebloom.

Dormant diploid.


Rice, J+A 2015


$100/double fan






PAMELA JANE has a pretty pattern of several tints of cherry pink. There are

2 or 3 tints in the petals, and the sepals are a very light pink making the

flowers bitones.


Scapes average 23” with 3 branches, and the flowers 5”. Bloom is midseason

with some sporadic rebloom. Dormant diploid.


Rice, J+A 2015


$100/double fan


*Special collection price for both dip intros is $150 with free shipping*