July 23, 2016

The lotus pond this morning

July 22, 2016

We have new email addresses:

Annette Rice:  Annettesmagic@att.net

John Rice: daylilies92@att.net


July 19, 2016

Still a lot of bloom! See below:

We have many mid-late and late bloomers as well as rebloomers.

Open by appointment

A call ahead is always welcome and appreciated: 859-435-0000


June 28,2016 - dip seedlings


June 26, 2016 - getting close to full bloom

June 21, 2016

We have been seeing some pleasing colors in our diploid seedlings blooming now:

Most are 7" plus


Memorial Day 2016

We received copious amounts of rain in May. The daylilies are growing well. The countryside is lush and verdant.

Scapes and buds are beginning to show on the daylilies, especially on seedlings that will bloom for the first time. Our peak bloom this year, and every year for the last 18 years, looks as if it will be the last week of June and the first week of July.