July 30, 2015

July 15, 2015

We are still near peak bloom as our midlate and late daylilies start showing off.

July 13 at noon:

storm approaches July 13 at 3:30 pm:

morning of July 14:

We have had plenty of rainfall and the daylilies are loving it. Bloom size, scape height and branching are

all as good as it gets.

The Sacred Lotus in our pond has loved all the water also:


July 5, 2015

We appear to be at about peak bloom, although there are still dozens of cultivars either just starting or not blooming yet. This picture taken yesterday July 4, 2015:

Jun 21, 2015

Welcome to the Thoroughbred Daylilies website. Our daylily bloom is coming along rapidly. It is looking like full bloom of daylilies will be our usual time July 1st through the 10th. Our daylily bloom may even be a little early this year in spite of one of the most severe winters in the last 15 years. Currently, our daylily bloom is approximately doubling every day. The number of first flowers open on daylily cultivars is nearly doubling daily also. Our daylily bloom is usually a little later than most gardens in central Kentucky partially because we are a little higher in elevation (about 1,000 feet above sea level) but mostly because over the years we have concentrated on and selected mid-late and late daylilies.
Adequate rainfall has helped our daylily plants grow vigorously. All of our dormant and semi-evergreen daylilies looked pristine in the spring. Some of our southern bred daylilies did not look good in early spring, but with the advent of warm weather, they have rebounded quickly. 
We are in the process of upgrading our daylily prices on the website. Please refer to our Thoroughbred Daylilies 2015 Price List which is available as a PDF under the Ordering tab for up to date prices. The 2015 Price List PDF has current prices, and includes all daylily cultivars that we have for sale. The prices of the individual daylily cultivars in the website will take a little longer to update. 
Thoroughbred Daylilies will have some 2015 daylily introductions, but they will be in the Fall. Images of our new daylily introductions and our selected daylily seedlings will be posted to our website throughout the season. Some of our exciting first bloom daylily seedlings are shown below.
Our mature Bottle Brush Buckeye shrubs are at their peak of bloom now.
Our sacred lotus pond has a few dozen flowers open today. Within a week or two there will be hundreds of lotus flowers open per day.
We hope to see you this summer. We expect to have significant daylily bloom from now until August 1, 2015.
We are here most of the time, but please call for an appointment. Sometimes we have to go out for food :)
Rice 2015 fall intro
Rice seedling first bloom 2015
Bottle Brush Buckeye w/Annette